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+ Without sound *As Yein

Crime , drama Korea 99 minutes released on October 15, 2020

Director: Hong Eui-jung


+ Adults don't know *Pregnant female teacher role

Drama Korea 127 minutes 2021 release (2020 BIFF Korean Film Directors Association Megabox Award, KTH Awards 2)

Director: Lee Hwan

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+ Khaosan Tango * Traveler Station

Drama , Melo/Romance Korea 97 minutes 2020 .07.30 release

Director: Beomsam Kim

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+ Changjin's heart *As a teacher in the classroom

Short Film Drama Korea 30 Minutes (2019 SIFF Audience Award, Hot Blood Staff Award)

Director: Yoojung Gong

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+ Swing Kids * As Nancy

Drama Korea 133 minutes 2018 .12.19 opening

Director: Kang Hyung-cheol

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+ Deokhye Ongju *Gimpo Airport as a court lady

Epic , drama Korea 127 minutes 2016 .08.03 opening

Director: Heo Jin-ho


+ I'll be back   *Geumran Station

Drama Korea 15 minutes

Director: Lee Jeong-hwang

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+ Others

Short Film [It's Okay]-Production Department 1-Director Baek Seon-woo (23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival)

Short Film [Stiff Air]-The role of a junior-Director Shin Jung-cheol

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+ A-TEEN2 *As a teacher at Art Academy

Web Drama V LIVE , Naver TV   2019.04.21 20 episodes

Director: Han Suji

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+ Romance between Gyeonwonji * Role of Eunkyung Lee

Web Drama Naver TV , YouTube 2018.09.17 10 episodes

Director: Miyoung Yoon

Screenplay: Choi Young-ok